Rules Overview

Rules Overview

This is a section of the Wiki covering and explaining the key points in the rules.

Overview (p5)

The rules overview

Introduction (p6)

p6 - Scales
p7 - Equipment
p7 - Figures
p8 - How Units are represented
p9 - Unit Status
p9 - Definitions
p10 - Groups of Units
p10 - Army Composition
p10 - Game Etiquette
p11 - Rules Organisation

Troops (p12)

p12 - Troop Attributes
p13 - Troop Description
p16 - Special Abilities
p19 - Dismounted Troops
p20 - Unit Characteristics Table

Command (p21)

p21 - Commanders
p22 - Initiative
p22 - Orders
p22 - Spontaneous Charge
p23 & p24 - Commanders engaged in melee
p25 - Included Commanders
p25 - Unreliable and Allied Commanders

Sequence of Play (p26)

p26 - Sequence of Play

Movement (p27)

p27 - General rules & Distances
p28-30 - How to actually move your units
p30-31 - Expanding & Contracting
p32 - Second & 3rd Moves, or Marching
p32 - Manoeuverability
p33 - Rules for Light Troops
p33-35 - The ZOC

Special Movement (p36)

p36-p37 - Charging the Enemy
p37-p39 - Evading, and chasing evaders
p40-42 - Uncontrolled Charges
p43 - Interpenetrating
p44 - Disengaging from combat

Rallying (p45)

p45 - How to Rally

Shooting (p46)

p46 - Who and how far?
p46-p47 - Target Priority
p47-48 - Resolving Shooting
p49 - Overhead Shooting
p49 - Mixed Units



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